God doesn’t need your money.

He’s doing just fine.

But we don’t give because God wants anything from us,

we give because God wants something for us.

Wondering what God wants for us? Find out ➡️

  • Through giving we become more like Christ.

    God so loved the world that he gave... at the center of our universe is a God who witholds nothing from us - including his life. Giving is a way that we can stretch our generocity muscles in order to become more like the One who gave it all.

  • Through giving we practice putting God first.

    Often when we give we make sure that all our other bills are taken care of first, and then we give out of the excess - if there is any. But that’s not what God calls us to do. God is worthy of the first portion, not the leftovers. Through giving God the first portion, we practice putting Him first in all other areas of our lives.

  • Through giving we increase our faith in God.

    It’s so much easier to put our faith in money than to put our faith in God. It can be scary to take the first portion of our paycheck and just give it away - especially if the paycheck isn’t all that big to begin with.

    God promises to provide for us abundantly when we trust Him for all that we need in this life. But, it takes faith to believe this. It takes faith to believe what reality will confirm once we try. Once our faith is confirmed by reality, it will grow.

  • Through giving we participate in what God is doing through Christ’s Community Church.

    When we give, we directly support God’s church here at CCC Hayward. It takes financial resources to help people grow in the likeness of Christ so that they can go out and share Christ’s love with the world. When you give, you become an active participant in what God is doing through Christ’s Community Church.